Tuesday 15 March 2016

London Marathon 2016 training

Foot injury after London marathon

Training for London Marathon 2016

There are a few things you need to consider when training for an endurance race like the London Marathon.

Training, Nutrition, rest, foot health and pre injury treatments

The type of training is very important which should not just be constant higher and higher weekly mileage. This will increase your risk of overuse injuries, stress fractures and exhaustion and dysfunctional muscle compensation patterns.  

  • Appropriate training, Cardio, core, balance and interval work and consider personal training. 
  • Good nutrition for your body to fuel the exercise.
  • Foot health, have your feet checked by a professional, consider foot inserts or sports Orthotics.
  • Pre- injury treatment  for marathon training, sports massage, ultrasound and acupuncture
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Monday 14 March 2016

Acupunture for Sports injuries

Acupuncture back treatment

Acupuncture for sports injuries - Oxford UK

The use of acupuncture dates back over 2000 years in China and is used worldwide today for the treatment of sports injuries and much more. The term 'dry needling' is often used for western medical acupuncture which is different in the traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM ).

I use a blend of both types of acupuncture to treat various conditions, I use a western style of assessment for the injury and a complete 'TCM' holistic approach to the treatment which I find works well. Acupuncture works well and is complimentary along side other treatments like sports massage and ultrasound for the management and treatment neck pain, lower back pain, ligament ruptures etc.
Acupuncture as a treatment should not be painful, some people have a fear of needles and so clearly this is not for you if you suffer this type of anxiety.

There are many types of sports related injuries for which acupuncture can help with, I have listed some below however if you can't find something there I have more information about acupuncture can help on my website.    

Acupuncture can help with:

Muscle strains, ligament Sprains, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Sciatica, Knee pain, shoulder impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis headaches, migraines, Carpel tunnel syndrome. 

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How to improve your cycling endurance, muscle efficiency and power.

Cycle more efficiently

Cycle shoe insoles or foot orthotics

The 'foot' may be the key to unlock this door, bio-mechanical efficiency is so important with cycle endurance sports.

If the foot is incorrectly positioned within the cycling shoe it will not deliver the most efficient power which will increase the pressure on the muscles to deliver foot stability.

This in turn will lead to muscles fatigue much earlier and can result in the loss of performance and overuse injuries like: tendinitis, muscle strain, ligament sprains, compensatory muscle patterns of the hip and lower back and more...

To stabilise the foot a cycle shoe insert or cyclists foot orthotic may be needed the find out more about how gait analysis could help your cycling, muscle pain or stiffness.
If a cycle sports insole is required then it is likely you may need some treatment to address the muscle fatigue or muscle in balance then, sports massage, ultrasound and acupuncture will help.

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Find out more about how cycling shoe Orthotics can help improve endurance and muscle power 

Sunday 13 March 2016

Trigger points and muscle pain

Trigger points or myofacial pain

Trigger points are small areas of weak and dysfunctional muscle fibre which when pressed cause referring pain to other areas of the body.

The symptoms are often are often misdiagnosed for injuries like arthritis, tendinitis ligament, tendon and bursitis.

When postural muscle is overused and fatigued it will often produce trigger points, this manifests as small areas of muscle fibre spasm and so leads to muscle dysfunction, joint tension and it is thought to be the start of  fibromyalgia. It will also reduce the function of and output of muscle and affect posture and inhibit sports performance. To find out more about trigger point therapy click here: how trigger point therapy can help with neck and back pain

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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Common cycling injuries

cycling injury

Common cycling injuries

Some of the most common cycling injuries are caused by over-training and muscle imbalance often resulting in knee and hip pain, this is often referred to cyclist and runners knee. 

Cyclists who suffer wrist and forearm pain are generally the result compression against the handle bars. Symptoms include numbness and tingling. Good padded gloves will help and frequent changing of hand position will help 

Lower back pain is very common and often postural in origin, a good bike fit can eliminate this with some soft tissue massage ultrasound and postural correction program.